MIYUKI Corporation (Our Company) recognizes that all private personal information provided by the customers are important and sensitive. Hence, we are cautious in the process of collection and usage of such information.
Our company strictly abide by the laws and guidelines to protect the private information of our customers.

Private information collection

We will limit the use such sensitive information for necessary purposes.

Purposes for collection of personal information

Collection of customers’ information is limited to the below purposes
  1. Deliver products or samples
  2. Product development, improvement and modification
  3. Deliver new product, beauty trend information and sales information
  4. Services on answering questions from the customers
  5. Questionnaire and research
  6. New hiring

Privacy information management and protection

Our company manages all personal information carefully and strive to prevent the outflow, loss, damage etc. to any unauthorized personnel. Also, we are constantly tightening the company security to safeguard all important and private information.

Information sharing with 3rd party

Our company provides customer’s personal information to a 3rd party vendor for under the below guidelines.
  1. Permission from the customers
  2. Strictly abiding the law for privacy data sharing
  3. Protection of customers’ life and safety when it is difficult to get permission from the customer
  4. Corporate with governments’ instruction to follow the laws and other guidelines even without customer’s permission

Information Protection at outsourced companies

Our company shares customers’ personal information to outsourced companies for their service. We are very particular when it comes to selection of companies and we hold no tolerance for companies who misuse the privacy information.

Modification for Privacy Policy

Our company follow the laws and guidelines to protect the privacy information. We may modify our privacy policy anytime without any announcement.

The disclosure/ modification of personal information

If you would like to disclose, modify, edit, delete or temporarily close your personal information from our database, you may request by accessing to Contact Us webpage.To prevent unauthorized disclosure, we will not respond to you until we have confirmed your identity.

Information inquiry

Any question regarding the privacy policy, please access from Contact Us linkAlternatively, you may contact us at0120-57-6650 .