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Myufull Business

Myufull Business

We can help you establish your own beauty business at Myufull.

Make your dream come true!

高品質の化粧品を備えた美容室| ハイエンドスキン製品 0 |

Start Your Career with Myufull
Even if you are new to this, Myufull will be more than happy to walk you through the establishment of a beauty business!

Capital needed to start Myufull Business

Capital needed to start Myufull Business
You can start by purchasing products at cost from 50,000 Yen (Excluding Tax) with no hidden cost!

FREE Merchant Fee & Royalty!
An advantage of business cooperation with Myufull is that NO merchant fee & royalty is required from you (It is usually requested in other FC business).

Strong Structured Education System in Place
Start with us now! MIYUKI Corporations has 33 years’ experience in the beauty industry and we have an effective educational system to guide you through. You will be surprised to gain more than just basic knowledge through the quality aesthetics education advocated. In order to run the business smoothly, you need a solid foundation. We know the importance of effective business management and we are glad that our education system fully covers the basic knowledge and skillset on how your beauty business can be managed.

Customer repeat rate 85%*

Myufull outperform many other beauty competitors in terms of customer repeat rate with a high score of 85% while others typically maintain their scores at around 50%.
* An in-company investigation

Salon products sales rate 76%*

① Appealing products to support your business surplus.
② Expect recurring revenue from continued product sales.
* An in-company investigation

Our monthly sales revenue is above 4.5M Yen with only about 10㎡

In Myufull, we have 4 different business types. You are able to choose from any type which suits you the most! If you are unsure of what you should go for, we will be glad to propose a business package tailored according to your expectations.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!

You can start your business at your own comfort place and time!

①You can run the business at the comfort of your own apartment (Flexible, especially for housewives who have children). This reduces the capital involved in renting a place!
②Physical store: Apartment store’s annual sales figures above 10M Yen.

What is Myufull Salon?

The unique concept of Myufull salon is “Self-beauty treatment”.

Although we have many years of experience in this business, we constantly listen to our customers’ needs and wants to help them attain their best form. Through gathering our customers’ feedbacks, we understand the genuine problems they face with their skin and their daily skincare routine. We will then help each customer understand why and how to improve their beauty regime daily despite different lifestyles.
This is our concept of Myufull salon, Self-beauty treatment. 

Features of Myufull Salon Business

①We have our own unique beauty treatment techniques. This is one of the reasons why our customers are loyal to us, resulting in low customer turnover rate.

② Our staff are all professionally trained. At any one time, 1 staff can attend to 4-5 customers. This effectively cut down on unnecessary labor cost.

③ You can conveniently set up Myufull’s Professional beauty salon using any extra space of your existing business workplace.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

You can choose from a business type which suits you the most from the following models:

Self-Beauty Treatment Salon Model
高品質の化粧品を備えた美容室| ハイエンドスキン製品 0 |
Retail Store/Products Selling Model
Wholesale Model
Plus-Myufull Model

【The below table depicts an example of Myufull Salon Growth】

Hair Salon + Myufull

A Hair salon located in Fukui-Ken

高品質の化粧品を備えた美容室| ハイエンドスキン製品 0 |
1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Treatment sales: 2.9M Yen
Sales of per customer: 2645 Yen
Treatment sales: 4.0M Yen
Sales per customer: 2928Yen
Treatment sales: 4.5M Yen
Sales per customer: 3046Yen
Sales of product:5.3M Yen
Sales of per customer:
7469 Yen
Sales of product:9.7M Yen
Sales of per customer:
10644 Yen
Sales of product:16.3M Yen
Sales of per customer:
14432 Yen
TOTAL: 8.58M
TOTAL: 13.71M
Vs 1st Year 159.7%
TOTAL: 20.79M
Vs 2nd Year 151.6%

Visit frequency of an average customer in a year: 4.5 times
Increase in visit frequency of an average customer each month: 2 times
Possible reasons of increased customers’ visit and shop sales: Using colorant waiting time to do beauty treatment, sales revenue increase because of sales of beauty products.


Although it is located in a quiet area, people will still patronize if you provide good “Services”. Separate salon room allows customer to relax. Recently our focus are on men’s beauty and we aim to bring in more male customers.

【Myufull’s Strength】

Target to achieve surplus management for interested parties and business even if they are without beauty experience. High customer return rate brings high sale performance for the retail consumer product sales.

【A big point to support “surplus management”】

The repeat rate of overwhelming customers can be expected to increase sales of goods (product sales).

Please feel free to contact us for more details

Comparison between Myufull and other FC business

  Merchant Fee Royalty Initial Cost
0Yen 0Yen
Starts from 50,000Yen
Products cost differs from different purchase discount rate below:
1.Academy cost: 250,000Yen (excludes Tax)
2. Licensing fee: 100,000Yen (excludes Tax) *only cost when use “Bio Warm Pack” product
3.Purchased product cost
Other FC Businesses
Estimated cost by following types:
Convenience Store:
1,000,000 ~ 2,500,000 Yen
1,000,000 ~ 1,500,000 Yen
2,000,000 ~ 3,000,000 Yen
Estimated cost by following types:
Convenience Store:
Estimated TOTAL cost by different industry
Convenience Store:
3,000,000~8,500,000 Yen
5,000,000~10,000,000 Yen
7,000,000~12,000,000 Yen
1.Merchant fee
3.Equipment expenses
5.Opening commission
6.Training/Education cost
7.Products cost

Attractiveness of Myufull Business

Free Royalty and Merchant Fees.
Start Myufull business with only products cost!
With track record of 85% high recurring orders of products, your business will be making profit from the 1st month by selling products and beauty treatments!

Proven rate of repeated order .

An average basic skin care and beauty products has a repeated order rate at 50%
However Myufull’s basic skin care and beauty products has a repeated order rate at  85%
(Investigated by Corporate Investigators)
For Non-Beauty experience members, please join us at Myufull’s Business Seminar!

Myufull’s Business Seminar

At Myufull, we hold seminars to support management members applying our 33 years’ worth of experience and knowledge in the beauty industry!

1st timer trail starts from 50,000 Yen (Excluding Tax)

Please feel free to join us!

If you are interested to find out more detail, please join our free seminar anytime to experience our products. We also welcome you to have a discussion with us on how to run Myufull’s business!

高品質の化粧品を備えた美容室| ハイエンドスキン製品 0 |

Please feel free to join us!