International Quality Convention Frankfurt 2010

International Quality Convention Frankfurt 2010 Gold Award

On June 28, 2010, MIYUKI Corporation was honored to receive the International Arch of Europe Gold Award, one of the global business awards in Frankfurt, Germany.
The organization, BID (Business Initiative Directions) based in Madrid, Spain, identify companies from 62 countries, which delivers immeasurable contributions to the industry with high-quality products. It is a global business award that recognizes the companies’ efforts.
The criteria to get awarded
1. High quality of all manufactured and sold products 2. Customer Satisfaction 3.Internationality  4. Marketing Style 5. Management
This award acknowledge that MIYUKI Corporations provides good quality products to consumers, and assured that Myufull is recognized as a global company with strong brand recognition.
インターナショナル アーチ オブ ヨーロッパ


Management & consulting Platinum Technology Award

OTHERWAYS Platinum Technology Award

December 20, 2010, MIYUKI Corporation received a Platinum Technology Award from OTHERWAYS MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING, an organization based in France in Geneva, Switzerland.
OTHERWAYS is an organization based in Europe and picks up and honors only international companies and help these company spreading the existence to the world.
How we got awarded
1.High quality Myufull’s products
OTHERWAYS research center tested on Myufull’s product (lotion) and the results proved that Myufull’s products are made of high quality
2.Good Marketing strategy
Myufull has expanded its business at an astonishingly high rate, from approximately 130% to 140% in the last 5 to 6 years. This was done without any advertising expenses incurred. To attain such remarkable results, it is crucial to have strong financial ability and we are proud to be recognized globally for our achievements. MIYUKI Corporation has been running the business and development without loan from the banks but only by its own marketing.
OTHERWAYS プラチナテクノロジーアワード

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